Irrigation Water Meter

Irrigation Water Meter


•    Negligible head loss
•    Simple maintenance
•    Field replaceable measuring unit
•    Hermetically sealed register with glass lens
•    Bearings are constantly flushed during operation to eliminate deposit of solids
•    Optional electrical output: EV (Volume) or EF (Rate of Flow) Dialog 3G
•    Compatible with Dialog automatic reading system


Model IRT
Special design with free water passage allows measurement of water with high contents of impurities. 

Irrigation and sewerage metering

Available sizes
3” - 10” (80mm - 250mm)

Installations Requirements
The meter can be installed in any position (horizontal, vertical or inclined). the meter must always be full of water while operating. Prior to the installation of a new meter, the pipeline must b e flushed out. 

Technical Specification

Maximum working pressure                 16bar
Maximum liquid temperature              60ËšC
Body                                                   Polyester coated cast iron body
Connection                                         Flanges according to ISO, BS 10 AWWA or others
Register                                              M3, U.S Gallon, cu.ft, ML Central pointer or 3 pointers.