Alert Alarm Unit

Alert Alarm Unit

The ALERT detects the open and closed state of a volt free switch such as a float switch or pressure switch, giving an alarm on closed circuit and resetting an open circuit.  It would typically be used with a float switch to signal high or low level.  ALERT is mains-powered.  A battery back-up  version is available; this is primarily mains-powered but has an internal NiMH battery providing operation in case of mains power failure of up to 1 week in standby mode and up to 8 hours in full alarm mode with external beacon connected.  Recharge time from fully discharged to fully charged is 163 hours; operation in full alarm mode for 1 hour will require 8 hours recharge time to restore to full capacity.

The ALERT is equipped with:
    •    Power LED which signals that the unit is connected to a healthy 230V power supply
    •    Alarm LED which signals that the switch being monitored is closed circuit
    •    Alarm Buzzer which signals that the switch being monitored is closed circuit, the buzzer may be                 muted (see below)
    •    Test Pushbutton, which when operated simulates switch closure or alarm signal, sounding the buzzer             and illuminating the Alarm LED and remote beacon (if fitted)
    •    Mute Pushbutton, which when operated silences the buzzer leaving the Alarm LED illuminated and                 the remote beacon (if fitted) illuminated
    •    Remote Beacon.  Terminals provided for an external 12V DC beacon, available as an extra

The ALERT should be positioned to avoid very damp atmospheres.  Refer to the wiring instructions below.  The unit should always be supplied from a fused supply, fused at 2A, and should always be earthed correctly.

    •    High / Low level alarm
    •    Intruder alarm
    •    High / Low pressure
    •    High / Low temperature alarm

    •    Weatherproof IP66 enclosure
    •    Mains powered and battery back-up versions
    •    Power indicator
    •    Test function
    •    Audible alarm comes with mute pushbutton
    •    Additional LED flashing beacon available separately if required

    •    Power supply: 230V+ 10%- 10% 50Hz; 1.5VA
    •    Supply Fuse (External): 2A
    •    Sensing Voltage: 12V DC nominal
    •    Beacon Voltage: 12V DC 1W nominal
    •    Terminal Capacity: 2.5mm sq. max.
    •    Ambient Temperature: -10 to +50°C
    •    Enclosure: Polycarbonate IP66

    •    100mm H x 100mm W x 60mm D
    •    Fixings: 4 x M4.  83mm crs.

    •    Mains 320g, Battery version 1kg