Text-Tel Juinor

Text-Tel Juinor

Text-Tel Junior
The Text-Tel range has been extended with the introduction of the Text-Tel Junior, which provides economic remote monitoring of control systems, and is fully programmable by mobile phone.

Utilising a GS modem (similar to that used in the Text-Tel unit), the Text-Tel Junior monitors three status inputs by volt free signals along with power failure monitoring using the internal battery back up.  Upon receiving an alarm the Text-Tel Junior will dial up to 5 mobile or fixed phones in programmed order, and repeat the sequence every 15 minutes a maximum of 5 times, unless acknowledged by a call or text back or reset manual.

Alarms are delayed for an adjustable time to prevent false alarms.  if the receiving phone is a mobile or SMS enabled fixed phone the message will be displayed as a text, otherwise BT will convert the text to a spoken 

The Text-Tel Junior has a reset relay which may be operated by sending a text to the unit, so it is possible to reset equipment via your mobile phone.  A new feature introduced on the Text-Tel Junior is the facility to send a message to the first programmed number every 28 days to confirm correct operation.  This assists in retaining the SIM is in an active condition.

Great for remote locations

Power Supply: 230V 1Ph 50Hz
Fuse: 2A (required externally)
Power Consumption: 100W max
Environmental Protection: IP65
Enclosure: Polycarbonate
Dimensions: 160(H) x 190(W) x 135(D) mm
Battery Backup: Full functionality for 24 hours with no mains power
GMS Interface: Does not require a telephone landline.  Can be used with networks such as Orange, Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, etc