Borehole Drilling and Installation

Filpumps Ltd offer a turn-key borehole water supply service from initial drilling through to well completion, water quantity and quality testing and pump and treatment system installation.


We invest heavily in well trained staff and equipment that allow us to cope with any geology challenges by adopting the best drilling methods and to be unconstrained to reach depths necessary to establish a viable water supply, typically but not limited to, between 45-80 meters depth, but can drill up to depths of 200 meters.   


Following our innovative beliefs, we continue to champion new pumping technologies offering the latest electronic pumps which are very reliable and capable of delivering a constant water pressure, with inbuilt protection against high or low voltage and lack of water or overheating. Product and systems innovation allow us to improve further on borehole water supply reliability and simplicity and we continue to use innovations to improve our offering.


All our private water supply projects and customers are fully backed up by many years of practical experience from our approachable service team with well trained and dedicated water engineers who can provide servicing and breakdown cover when required.  Fast and efficient service is available because of our extensive stocks of critical parts and equipment necessary to respond quickly to the needs of our customers. We recognise and appreciate the absolute need to respond to a private water supply customer who requires products or services to maintain a working and safe water supply


A borehole can be drilled as an alternative to a mains supply, providing you with a water source to use as pure drinking water, or for many other purposes (eg irrigation, etc). We can assist with borehole drilling and installation in Scotland from the initial planning stages through to completion.  A borehole can be drilled for commercial or domestic purposes. Based in Aberdeenshire Filpumps can help with all your borehole drilling questions and issue, we are always happy to help with borehole solutions in Scotland.


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Filpumps is proud to be a member of the British Drilling Association



Our History


Filpumps Ltd was established in 1992 to provide sales and service support to private water supply owners throughout Scotland.  Since then we have remained at the fore, offering new technologies that improve water quality for private water supply owners which is therefore safer to consume for all users.  

The concept for Filpumps was borne in the 1980s, recognising that borehole water supplies were a viable alternative to traditional shallow water supplies, and that deep boreholes were the preferred option in warmer countries as they were much less affected by seasonal weather changes.  We were at the forefront of the industry offering borehole drilling and completion services, quickly recognising that correctly installed borehole water supplies yield consistently highter quality raw water with less contamination and which were much less affected by seasonal weather changes.


Traditional Vs Borehole Water Supplies

In the beginning most boreholes were installed to provide water to consumers that used many cubic meters of water per day because their water needs were higher and the available water supply struggled to meet their needs, or the financial investment payback was much sooner than purchasing municipal water.  These customers were typically dairy farms and industries such as food producers for irrigation and food processing. These types of consumers must rely on a stable and reliable water suply available to them each day of the year and borehole technology delivers what these customers require.  


Traditional Water Supplies

Borehole Supplies


Whilst we appreciate that some traditional shallow water supplies do provide a consistent water quantity and for the most part an acceptable raw water quality, with our years of private water supply experience we believe very strongly that borehole water supplies offer consumers a better water supply that continues to yield water even in the most driest prolonged period of weather.


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Borehole Drilling Scotland

Borehole Drilling Scotland

Installing a borehole water supply in Scotland is a large investment and it is therefore essential that the project is properly managed and the equipment is of good quality and professionally installed. We can assist with drilling a commerical borehole or a borehole for domestic use. No matter the size of the borehole, Filpumps can help supply and install your borehole in Scotland.