Laser Alignment Correction

Laser Alignment Correction

Laser Alignment




Reduced energy consumption

Less mechanical failures due to misalignment

Increased machinery life

Reduced mechanical seal, pump and motor repairs

Reduced vibration

Lower overall running costs


Laser Alignment

Are your pumps failing more often than expected?  Are you getting excess vibration, or maybe your energy consumption has increased?  It could be that your equipment is out of alignment.

Filpumps are pleased to offer our Laser Alignment service – this allows rotating machinery to be accurately aligned, which results in increased machinery life and lower maintenance costs.


Correcting Aligment

Misaligned rotating machinery is a more common problem than is often realised.  A recent survey by a leading test centre found that a staggering 93% of all equipment tested was out of alignment.


An offset alignment of only 1mm can use up to 3% more energy, and at 1.25mm offset, this dramatically rises to 8% more energy -

a huge unnecessary expense.


An offset misalignment of 1.2mm between a pump and its motor will destroy in one month a seal which would normally last for 8 years.  Even with a misalignment of 0.05mm (or 50 microns) the seal life will be reduced by a factor of 10.