Water Testing and Results

Water Testing and Results

Water Testing and Analysis


What a water supply is tested for and treatments to correct it.


Why do I need to have my water tested?


Everyone deserved the right to expect safe, clean drinking water.  By not testing your water to ensure it is safe for drinking you are putting you, your family and visitors to your home or business at risk from water borne diseases which can cause serious illnesses especially to the young or elderly.


By testing your water supply you can identify substances which may causes illness and install treatment systems to limit this occurring. Testing of an treated  water supply also ensures that the equipment installed is working and supplying a clean drinking water supply.


Water sampling can be done through your local authority or Filpumps can arrange sampling and testing for you.



What is my water tested for?


Private water supplies are tested for two main types of impurities, mirco-organisms and chemicals.


Chemical Tests


pH is a measure of how acidic or alkaline water is. pH 7 is classed as being neutral with anything below 7 being acidic and anything above 7 being alkaline.


Turbidity is the extent to which the water sample appears cloudy or hazy. This is caused by suspended particles in the water.


Conductivity is a measure of the ability of water to conduct an electrical current. Pure water has a low conductivity but the more dissolved ions in the water the higher the conductivity reading.


Nitrate can occur naturally in water as a result of the oxidation of ammonia and in some areas agricultural fertilisers are the major source of nitrate in private water supplies.


Lead is not normally found in natural waters but may dissolve into the water supply if lead piping is present in plumbing.


Iron is found in many sources of water and can also be found in some instances where corroding iron pipes are present in the supply system.


Organic Halides (e.g Herbicides and Pesticides) can be present in water supplies due to run off from treated agricultural or domestic land.  


Hardness (Calcium and Magnesium) present in many private water supplies.


Hydrogen Sulphite Gas is exists in environments that are oxygen-deficient such as deep wells or boreholes but can also be found in ground water as well. It can enter surface water through springs and quickly escape into the atmosphere.


Tannins/Humic Acid are dissolved, decaying organic matter so is usually found in rivers, streams and ground water supplies however they can occasionally be found in wells and boreholes.



Bacteriological Tests


TVC (Total Viable Count/Colony Counts) provide a general indication of the presence of micro-organisms in the water.


Coliforms these organisms are mainly found in the faeces of animals, humans or birds however they may also be found in water pipes and tanks.


Escherida Coli (E.Coli)  is found in faecal matter and may be found in most water supplies.


If any of the bacteriological tests come back positive in your water supply you should BOIL YOUR WATER before use, or use an alternative supply.


What treatment systems can Filpumps offer to ensure my water is safe?


Filpumps offer a bespoke service and system to customers to ensure that the system offered is exactly what you need. Once a water test analysis has been carried out systems can be created to full fill the requirements to obtain clean safe drinking water.




Sediment removal filter

Backwash pH Filter

Domestic pH correction filter

Nitrate reducing filter

Arsenic removal filter

Carbon filter

Colour removal filter

Course screen filters

Iron and Manganese removal filters

Metal absorption filters

Point of use nitrate reducing filter



Filter Housing


Big Blue Filter cartridges

Simplex filter housing

Duplex filter housing

Valve in head filter housing


Treatment Systems


Organic Reduction

Nitrate Reduction

UV steriliser

Reverse osmosis

Cabinet water softener

Water softener