Which Tank?

Which Tank
The following regulations apply to domestic, commercial and industrial heating, diesel fuel and waste oil
Domestic, agricultural, commercial and industrial heating fuel storage tanks should be bunded for new
build installations which display any of the following characteristics.
• Within 10 meters of controlled waters e.g drain, manhole cover, stream or lake.
• Within 50 meters of a well, borehole or spring.
• Where a spillage could run over hard ground and enter controlled waters.
• Where the total capacity is in excess or 2500 litres
Which Tank?
Oil and Fuel Tanks
Filpumps are providers of Harlequin Tanks, one of Europes leading manufacturers of rotationally moulded fuel storage products.
With a range of different models and capacities of up to 10,000 litres there is sure to be a Harlequin tank available to suit almost any installation. Irrespective of model of capacity chosen, every Harlequin tank has been engineered to exceed the most demanding technical, environmental and regulatory requirements.
All Harlequin Bunded Tanks and Fuel Stations are supplied complete with failsafe overfill prevention probe, for cleaner, safer, environmentally responsible filling. The probe is fully compatible with the LRC Overfill Prevention System and comparable systems in widespread use throughout the European Union and is fully compliant with the regulations of European Standard EN13616.

Please vdownload our Which Tank? leaflet for a tank selector flowchart.