7th September 2015

CPD Seminars

CPD Seminars

The Design and Use of SBR  Package Waste Water Treatment Plants     

CPD Seminar Overview 

As more properties are built in less accessible locations it is imperative to have resilient systems in place to deal with all aspects of water management and especially the treatment  and disposal of waste water

This CPD explores the pros and cons of the options available including the disposal of the treated effluent.  We then explore in more detail the sizing, the design and use of Sequence Batch Reaction Systems with their built in adaptability to peaks and troughs in the flow rates.

RIBA core curriculum:

This CPD falls under the following headings in the RIBA core curriculum

As a RIBA core curriculum CPD, double points are available  

GRAF UK is a leading supplier and installer of storm water management solutions, rainwater harvesting systems and waste water treatment plants to the UK construction industry

The seminar covers:

Regulations and Guidance  Codes

Pollution and treatment levels

System types

SBR systems and how they work

Sizing and choosing the right package Dealing with the discharge

Installation and Maintenance

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