Fluid Storage

Tanks of various sizes for storing and distributing all kinds of fluid including, water, sewage, oil and diesel. 

Fuel Stations and Points

Harlequin bunded diesel storage and dispensing tanks are the first choice in on-site refuelling. Available in ‘Fuel Point’, ‘Fuel Station’ and ‘Fuel Station with Fuel Management’ options (incorporates Harlequin’s new ‘Cobalt Connect’ fuel management technology as standard). Ranging in capacities from 1,300 to 10,000 litres and available in a range of slimline models, there is a Harlequin diesel dispensing solution for any agricultural, commercial or industrial requirement.

Sewage, Septic and Effluent Tanks

Sewage & Effluent systems including septic tanks and packaged sewage treatment plants for both residential and commercial properties where mains drainage is not available. 

Water Storage Tanks

Storage tanks for potable, non potable and process water.

Oil Storage Tanks

Storage tanks for oil and waste oil. 

Agricultural Storage Tanks

Storage tanks for various agricultural requirements such as slurry, silos and biogas.

Tank Accessories

A wide range of monitors, alarms and gauges for many different fluids including diesel, biodiesel, oil and water.