Pasture Pumps

Pasture Pumps for Cattle and Sheep

Standard Pasture Pumps
Where there is a requirement to fence off watercourses, an alternative source of drinking water must be found for livestock. 
Continuous stock access can lead to bank-side erosion, damage to vegetation and problems with sediment and pollutants entering the watercourse. Off stream pasture pumps provide a good alternative. The pasture pump is comprised of a water bowl fitted with a lever-operated diaphragm pump which is pushed by the cow’s nose as it presses forward to drink. Independent tests have shown that livestock are quick to learn the operation. The pasture pump is positioned in the field and secured to a firm base such as a railway sleeper or concrete block. It is very easy to install and relatively cheap in relation to the installation of mains water pipes. 
Calf Drinkers
A modified pasture pump is available which has a small side bowl for calves. The bowl is too small for larger cattle, so the calf can happily drink with its mother.

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