Washdown Set

Washdown Set

The unique design complies with the following requirements:

•    Water Byelaws 2000,Backflow Prevention.
•    Electrical Installation to BSEN 60439-3, 1991.
•    CE Marked Assembly withCertificate of Conformity.

Cleaning performance
The Filpumps Washdown Setprovides a first-class cleaning system for washing down submersible sewage pumps or other sewage handling installations prior to service or maintenance work.
The Filpumps Washdown Set incorporates a fire-hose type nozzle which produces a medium pressure jet of clean water with variable flow. This allows either a jetting or a flushing action to suit the task in hand.

The complete set including pump and controls should be fitted into a weatherproof enclosure. This can be supplied separately on request.

Water Byelaw Regulations Air Gap
The Filpumps Washdown Set must be fitted with a Type AB Air Gap in compliance with the Water Byelaws 2000, Schedule 2, Section 6.3 relating to backflow prevention.
The air gap of 75mm has a rectangular weir overflow suitable for protection against fluid category 5, that is any liquid which
represents a serious health hazard. This includes sewage, other human and animal wastes or pathogens from any other source.