Effluent Pumping and Separation

Effluent Pumping and Separation

Complete farming solutions for effluent pumping and separation.

We are distributors for Cri-Man products including Separators, Mixers, Aerators and Cutter Pumps.  We also supply pipe work, valves and control panels, giving you the options of sourcing all of your equipment from one supplier.


Cri-Man Separators, for contaminated liquids containing large amounts of solids and organic matter.

An efficient way to remove solids from liquids, producing a high dry matter product, which is easy and safe to handle.

A superb range of submersible and land based units, in cast iron or stainless steel.   Available for mixing and aeration.  Ejector aeration units suitable for use with existing pumping systems

Cutter Pumps 

Cri-Man Cutter Pumps incorporate hardened, precision ground cutting assemblies which provide long life service in difficult environments.

Designed for reliable, cost effective results in the toughest of conditions in both industry and agriculture.

Technical Support

We have experience and knowledge in pumping and are pleased to provide information and advice.  Good 
advice means you’ll finish up with the right
equipment for the job.

After Sales

We are available to provide parts, repairs and 
routing servicing, on site or in our workshop.

Experience you can trust