Borehole Data Logger

Borehole Data Logger

Reliable & rugged – the crucial attributes for a groundwater data logger

The groundwater data logger based on a pressure probe – has been designed for the reliable monitoring and storage of water level and temperature for the water management. The main application is the installation in groundwater pipes and wells. In addition, the application in open waters and tanks is possible.

The Borehole Data Logger is equipped with a rugged, ceramic-capacitive measuring cell and a precise        temperature sensor. A data logger, which can be configured individually, stores and manages the  monitored measured values in a 4 MB non-volatile memory (corresponds to approx. 500,000 measured values).

The connection for data retrieval and start-up and the power supply are provided by the communication unit.

The kevlar-reinforced pressure probe cable with pressure compensation capillary in combination with a desiccant cartridge prevents reliably measuring errors by compensating barometric pressure fluctuations.

When downloading data the data logger transfers the measured values via a RS-485 connexion to the 
communication unit, which establishes a non-contact transmission of the data via infrared interface (IrDA) to the reading unit or notebook.

Power supply can optionally be provided by Lithium batteries (min. 5 years operating time/1 h  measurement interval) or Alkaline batteries (min. 1.5 years operating time/1 h measurement interval). The batteries can easily be changed on site.

Various adapter plates and a suspension bracketallow a very easy and fast installation in well pipes of 1" to 6" diameter. From a pipe diameter of 2" control measurements via contact gauge are possible without removing the groundwater data logger.