Magflow Flowmeter

Magflow Flowmeter

What makes Maglfow simply better?
MAGFLO flowmeters will help you do an easier job of managing flow.  Whether it is installation, managing operations or verifying continuous accuracy, customers rely on MAGFLO to improve the entire value chain of activities.

Greater flexibility
• Wide product program
• Compact or remote installation using the same transmitter and sensor
• USM II communication platform for easy integration with all systems

Easier to commission
• SENSORPROM enables instant measurement from the start of power-up
• User settings automatically stored in the SENSORPROM 

Easier to operate & maintain
• No moving parts
• Robust construction and materials
• Uniform user interface for all MAGFLO products

Easier to service
• Transmitter replacement requires no programming. SENSORPROM  automatically updates all settings after initialisation.  

Room for growth
• Plug & Play communication modules are available in a wide range of bus-protocols
• Add-on communication modules allow future upgrades without investing in  a new flowmeter.

"Plug & Play" Communication Modules

USM II (Universal Signal Module) is "Plug & Play" at its very best. It makes flowmeter networking installation and configuration easy. It is compatible with virtually every communication standard used today, including PROFIBUS PA/DP, HART, Modbus RTU, DeviceNet and CANopen.

Cost Effective Solution

The Filpumps MAG 5000 transmitter and MAG 5100 W sensor are the perfect match for a cost effective solution. 

    • One solution for all your water & wastewater applications 
    • No moving parts ensures long term performance 
    • Hard rubber elastomer liner guarantees consistent accuracy 
    • Highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals used in treatment plants 
    • Increased low-flow measurement for leak detection 
    • Sensor suitable for burial and constant flooding 
    • Drinking water approvals 
    • Complies with most international standards and agency approvals 
    • Built-in ground electrodes eliminate grounding rings 

Process optimisation 

The Filpumps MAG 6000 with the USM II add-on communication platform makes it easy to integrate MAGFLO information into process applications. 

Realize the full benefits of automation 

• Optimise management and process control 
• Ensure correct dosing and product quality 
• Minimise process time and consumption of high-cost chemicals 

The Filpumps product range provides sensors from 2 mm up to 2000 mm and from 1/12’’ up to 78’’


MAG 5000 and MAG 6000

For high performance, easy operation and reduced maintenance.

MAG 5000 is the truly robust solution for all-around applications.

MAG 6000 is for the more demanding applications where higher accuracy and greater functionality is required.