FPS K Type Float Valve

FPS K Type Float Valve

Float Valve
These valves are manufactured in the UK and are designed to provide an accurate and efficient method of controlling the level of stored cold water in tanks, with and without raised float valve chambers.

This weighted key-shaped float which is supplied with float valves can be accurately set in a number of positions on the brass float arm, actuating the valve at a predetermined difference in water level, driving it fully open or fully closed without water hammer.  

This positive action avoids dribble, reduces noise and allows full flow until the selected closed level is reached.  Inherent in the design is a non-adjustable operating differential in water level between opening an d closing of approximately 75 mm.  

Also available in stainless steel for use in demanding environments such as desalination plants and sea water.


•  Ideal for pumped systems  •  Reduces Legionellae risk  •  Improves water turnover  •  Saves energy with positive pump control   •  Fixed & Variable level differential levels  •  Full flow during fill  •  No water hammer  •  No valve bounce  •  No seat or washer to wear  •  Full flow during fill  •  No dribble  •  Maximises tank capacity  •  Delayed action  •  Maintenance free­  •  Puncture proof float   •  Check valves not essential             •  Tank wall stress negligible  •  No backing plate required  •  Suitable for Type AA, AB, AF & AG air gaps as required under the new water regulations.