Eco Air

Lake Bed Aeration

Benefits • Perfect system for the homeowner
• Available for use with up to three AirPod™ diffusers
• Fiberglass NEMA Type 3R outdoor enclosure features a 2-year warranty
• 1/3 hp WOB-L™ piston compressor is oil free and features a 2-year warranty
• AirPod™ diffusers are self-cleaning and feature a 5-year warranty
• AnchorLine™ self-weighted air tubing features a 15-year warranty
• AirPod™ diffusers release air approximately 10” above pond bottom preventing disruption of settled organics
• 240 CFM cooling fan has a sealed bearing
• AirEco™ system available in 115V or230V single phase @ 60Hz or 230V single phase @ 50Hz
• GFCI protected equipment for safety
• No electricity in water
• Equipment pad comes standard with every unit, eliminating the need for a concrete base
• The oil free WOB-L™ piston compressor is easily and economically maintained   Air Eco Outdoor Enclosures
The AirEco enclosure is NEMA Type 3R fiberglass and provides a 2-year warranty against corrosion. The lid is fully gasketed and contain padlock eyes for protection against tampering, theft and vandalism. The enclosure has louvers placed in such a manner to allow for cross-ventilation when supplied with either one or two cooling fans, which prohibits excessive operating temperatures. Enclosures are mounted to an HDPE pad (24” x 24” x 2”). The
enclosures come equipped with a GFCI outlet and an eight-foot plug-in cord. Thomas WOB-L™ Compressor
1/3 hp, 115V or 230V 60Hz and 230V 50Hz, 1 phase piston-type built for continuous use and equipped with a thermal overload. The compressors have lightweight pistons to allow for quiet and efficient performance at high pressure levels. The oil-less pistons allow for long life and economical performance. Compressors require only periodic cleaning of the intake filter as scheduled maintenance. Performance: 1.5 cfm @ 30 psi. AnchorLine™ Self-Weighted Air Supply Tubing
Used as a connection from compressor cabinet locations to final AirPod™ diffuser location, air supply tubing is lead-free and self weighted for submersible capabilities and can be used in direct burial applications. Tubing is made of PVC composite and remains flexible in cold temperatures. Tubing is compatible with the use of standard PVC glue and 1/2” insert coupler fittings. AirPod™ Diffusers
AirPod™ Diffusers have either four 7” x 1” diameter self-cleaning tube membrane diffusers or two 9” diameter round flexible membrane diffusers. All diffusers produce 0.5 mm bubbles and are spaced in such a manner to optimize water lifting synergistically. All diffusers are self-cleaning with low or no maintenance required. The diffuser base is constructed of high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and vacuum-formed with a lip that encompasses ridges and valleys to allow trapped air to escape. The base is solvent welded and reinforced with
stainless steel rivets for increased strength and integrity. The base is a hollow design to allow for easy addition of pea gravel ballast.

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