Text Tel


•    Equivalent to having an engineer onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
•    Easy to install
•    No delays incurred waiting for a landline to be installed
•    Simple to operate
•    Ideal for rural or remote locations where landline monitoring is not feasible
•    Provides peace of mind monitoring for all your sites
•        Allows two-way communication with your system from your mobile phone
•       Low running costs - approximately 10p per text message
•       No standing charge to pay for landline rental
•       No costs for having to install a landline
•       Choice of network provider so you can choose the best for local coverage
•      Facility to reset alarm signals from your mobile phone
•      Increases revenue potential for servicing and breakdown visits and gives your customers peace  of mind that you have their pumping station under observation

Text-Tel is a revolutionary monitoring device, equivalent to having an engineer on site to observe the operation of a plant or processes.

Text-Tel will monitor up to 8 status signal inputs, and using GSM technology, will provide updates on 
operational equipment, or more importantly, will notify you of any alarms.

Text-Tel relays its information to you in the form of text messages to selected mobile phones.  Instructions and responses can be given to the Text-Tel using text 
messaging to give command instructions to reset the system when a fault is identified or to obtain a status 

Applications include:
- Pumping stations          - Security system
- Process plant                - Heating & ventillation
- Treatment plant            - Irrigation systems
- Chemical monitoring    - Transportation

Text-Tel is designed around a GSM modem and works using the same principle as a mobile phone  The unit accepts up to 8 digital inputs, which can be wired to any volt-free signal, such as a float switch or control panel trip signal.

On detection of a fault the Text-Tel transmits pre-programmed SMS text messages to your mobile phone (up to 20 phone numbers may be stored).  The text message consists of a header message (usually the site address) and a fault message (whichever fault corresponds to the input triggered).

Text-Tel is supplied with an internal battery 
back-up, this internal battery powers the 9th alarm signal which is a dedicated power fault 

Text messages are sent to the Text-Tel to acknowledge alarms, or to check alarm status.  It is 
recommended that these messages are stored in your phone for convenience.

All the features offered by Text-Tel can be programmed through your PC or your mobile phone and can be preset to your specification before delivery.  The stored information may be amended at any time via your mobile phone.

Text-Tel has two outputs which may be triggered by returning a text message to the unit, so it is
possible to reset equipment via your mobile phone.  If required Text-Tel can be configured to provide up to 6 outputs.

Text-Tel is for mains voltage and is available in two formats: 230V, 1Ph  OR  400V, 3Ph.