Automatic Pump and Sump Station

Automatic Pump and Sump Station for Effluent or Drainage Water

Pumping stations for effluent or drainage water
Automatic Pump and Sump station for the collection and discharge of treated effluents or drainage waters.
Ideal for use after septic tanks or treatment plants for discharge to soakaways etc.
• Strong polyethylene chamber
• Automatic stainless steel submersible pump
(GXRM 9) with integral floatswitch
• Quick release internal pipework
• Optional high level alarm unit
• Pedestrian weight access cover
• 110 mm inlet
• 50 mm PE outlet adapter
• Other pumps available on request
Diameter 600 mm
Height 1260 mm
Access 480 mm
Capacity 350 ltr
Invert Level 900 mm

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