Arsenic Reduction

Reduce Arsenic

Filpumps arsenic removal systems remove high levels of arsenic from your water and are often used in conjunction with other Filpumps water treatment systems to provide a total water solution. Filpumps can help you chose the best system for your water. Effects of Arsenic Arsenic is found in waters in many parts of the UK . It is present in underground rocks and percolates in to the ground water and then up through boreholes or springs into the water supply. Arsenic compounds are toxic even at low levels. They can cause skin and liver disorders, circulatory problems and can be life threatening. The European Union has looked at the Arsenic levels in water and reduced the allowable limit to below 10ug/l (from 50ug/l). The arsenic can be removed with a specially formulated filter media called Bayoxide. The media is strong, reliable and easy to handle. Bayoxide is regulation 31 approved (DWI) for use in both Municipal and Private water use.     

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