Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters

Reduce chlorine, organics & colour, improve taste & odour

Filpumps carbon systems can reduce chlorine, colour, organics, some heavy metals and improve the taste and odour of your water and are often used in conjunction with other Filpumps water treatment systems to provide a total water solution.  Filpumps can help you chose the best system for your water.


Uses of carbon

Granular Activated Carbon  (GAC) filters are an excellent choice for removal of chlorine, taste and odour, or organics in water. Some types will even reduce metals. Coconut based carbons are a general purpose carbon especially useful in reducing chlorine eg for taste or before RO membranes. Coal based carbons are particularly useful for reducing pesticides and other organics while bone charcoal has uses for colour and heavy metal reduction.


How does it work?

GAC works by absorbing the soluble pollutants onto its surface and holding them. Because it has such a massive surface area the amount of absorption is probably one of the greatest of any natural man made material available. Eventually all the pores are filled and the carbon will need to be replaced. As the contaminants are absorbed onto the carbon backwashing the filters is a good idea as the pollutants are held firm but the carbon can be rebeded stopping channelling.