Dental Washer Disinfectors

Dental Washer Disinfectors

Most dental washer disinfectors are designed for efficient cleaning and thermal disinfection of dental instruments. These units clean and disinfect instruments with a high temperature cycle rather than a chemical bath.

When mains water is used there is always the danger of limescale precipitating out at high temperatures, leaving instruments with unsightly deposits which could potentially act as sites of contamination.


Instrument Deposits

Limescale is the hard off-white chalky deposit found in kettles and hot water boilers. It is also found as a similar deposit on surfaces where hard water has evaporated.

These two types of limescale differ slightly due to their origins.

The type found deposited on the heating elements has a main component of calcium carbonate, precipitated out of the (hot) water. Calcium carbonate is un-usual as it is less soluable in hot water than in cold water, leading to deposits in places where water is heated. The type found on air dried dental instruments consists of calcium carbonate mixed with all the other salts that were dissolved in the water before the water evaporated.


Membrane Technology

 Hyperfiltration is the finest form of filtration available and is achieved using advanced membrane technology.

This involves separating water from a solution of dissolved solids by forcing water through a semi - permeable membrane. As the water pressure is applied to the solution, pure water passes through micropores in the membrane, rejecting salts and other impurities, which are flushed to waste.

Packaged Filter System

Filpumps Packaged Hyperfiltration System uses membrane technology to remove dissolved salts and other impurities which are likely to cause scaling.

This is a compact unit which fits into a space of approximately 20cm x 10cm x 11cm. It is manufactured from high-strength Noryl® and polypropolyene polymers to provide many years of service.