Nitrate Reducing Filter

Nitrate Reducing Filter

Reduce Nitrate

Filpumps nitrate systems remove high levels of nitrate from your water and are often used in conjunction with other Filpumps water treatment systems to provide a total water solution.  Filpumps can help you chose the best system for your water.


Effects of Nitrate

Nitrates occur naturally form the oxidation of natural organic mater but increased levels are often found in agricultural areas as they are a main constituent of many fertilizers. The discharge of nitrate containing effluents for sewage treatment works can also raise the concentration of nitrates in surface water.

High levels of nitrate can cause methaemoglobinaemia in young children (blue baby syndrome). The nitrate is converted to nitrite in the body which in turn interferes with oxygen uptake in the blood. The current regulatory standard of 50mg/l nitrate is derived from the standard in the European Union’s drinking water directive.

How does it work?

The most common method of removing nitrate is with an ion exchange resin. The nitrate rich water passes down through a nitrate selective resin where the nitrate is held. When no more nitrate can be held the resin needs regenerating by backwashing with a concentrated solution of salt (brine). The resin bed is then rinsed with clean water and returned to service. The nitrate reduction resin is a food grade DWI approved resin for use in drinking water applications