Sediment Removal Filters

Sediment Removal Filters

Reduce particles (turbidity or cloudiness) & Eliminate staining

Filpumps sediment filters remove high levels of particles from your water and are often used in conjunction with other Filpumps water treatment systems to provide a total water solution. There are different media which are used in the filters depending on water quality.  Your water treatment expert can help you chose the best media for your water.


Effects of Sediment

Sediment filters are used for treating cloudy, dirty or highly turbid waters. The particles are trapped within the media and the clear water passes through. Cloudy water contains organic compounds, soil, metals such as iron and manganese and bacteria and viruses.

“Turbidity is caused principally by inorganic matter including mineral sediments and oxides of iron and manganese but organic matter including algae can also cause significant turbidity” . The UK water quality regulations specify a standard of 4 NTU at consumers’ taps” :Reference: technical manual.

Sediment and particles in treatment and distribution systems can also interfere with the efficiency of UV disinfection by coating treatment units. They can also affect the taste and smell of water and cause aesthetic problems including metallic taste and discolouration of water fittings and laundry.

How does it work?

Water flows down through the media and then up through the ‘riser’ tube in the middle of the vessel. As the water travels through the media the particles are trapped in the media so only clean clear water flows out to service. Periodically the systems automatically “backwashes” the collected particles to drain.