Iron and UV Treatment System Kiosk

Iron and UV Treatment System Kiosk

Stand Alone Treatment Kiosk

Filpumps have developed a compact solution for properties that have little or no room for a water treatment system within their house. The Filpumps Water Treatment System offers Iron Reduction Unit (low iron levels) and Ultra Violet sterilisation all within a stand alone GRP enclosure. 



Kiosk Details

Once installed onto a concrete slab or plinth, simply connect the incoming and outgoing pipework and run power to the 20 amp isolator mounted on the backboard.  This reduces the specialist labour required to install such a system on site, which may result in considerable savings.


This unique product ensures that all the filtration

required for your home is located outwith the property in a safe locked location and is fully  weather proofed.




Because we realise that all private supplies are

individual, we can modify this system if more or less equipment is required.  With a wide range of kiosk sizes available we are sure to have one big or small enough to accommodate your water treatment needs.