Treatment Kiosks

Water Treatment Kiosk The Filpumps kiosk range is a bespoke range of GRP housings which can be manufactured to suit any application.  From small single pump enclosures to larger walk-in kiosks for larger schemes, the Filpumps kiosk can accommodate your needs.     Kiosk Details The kiosks are pre-insulated and come with high and low air vents to allow good ventilation throughout the kiosk.  A range of colours is offered while a 3 point locking system is available for the larger kiosks, a single Yale-type lock for the smaller units ensures your equipment is kept secure at all times.   These kiosks are ideal for domestic use where there is no available space inside the house to install a pump and/or filtration system.  Often the equipment can be pre-assembled in the kiosk prior to delivery to site keeping on -site labour to a minimum.   The larger kiosks come with an open base and internal return flange so fixing to a concrete plinth is quick and easy.  Ducts for electrical supply and feed pipes can also be cast into the plinth prior to delivery making it easier to install larger systems.   As an option Filpumps can arrange to have your kiosk fully fitted out with a distribution board, heat and light prior to delivery on site.  For the larger kiosks HI-AB delivery can be arranged so placement on site is made easy.    
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