Our Range of Festo Cylinders & Guide Units includes:

Standard ISO Cylinders - Cylinders with piston rod and variants that conform to the ISO requirements.

Round ISO Cylinders - Cylinders with round or nearly round barrel, and round or nearly round caps that conform to the ISO requirements.

Guide Units and Guided Cylinders


Festo's new DSNUP series of pneumatic cylinders and ISO standards-based ADNP cylinders feature end caps made from a technopolymer (IXEF® 1022 - PAMXD6-GF50, a 50% glass-fibre reinforced polyarylamide compound), stainless steel piston rods and aluminium barrels, and have a list price that is around 30% lower than their interchangeable all-metal counterparts. These savings can be achieved thanks to a small number of variants and fewer functions while still maintaining the consistently high Festo quality.

Industrial Applications Include:

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