Electrofusion Box



•           Designed for use with Fusion’s ‘Fusamatic’ range of automated recognition fittings.

•           220V/230V operation

•           Simple user interface with only two buttons

•           Full microprocessor control and verification of jointing process

•           Two row LCD  display



Machine Specification

Input supply voltage (Vac)                                                                    195-260

Frequency (Hz)                                                                                     40-70

Max output current (A)                                                                          60

Output voltate; typical (V)                                                                     39.5

Output voltate; min/max (V)                                                                 38.8/40.2

Recomended minimum generator size for 60A output* (kVA)              3.2

Operating temperature (deg C)                                                          -10 to +40

Environmental protection  (IP)                                                           IP54

Compatable with manual fittings                                                            No

Compatible with Fusamatic® fittings                                                      Yes

Fuse time(s)                                                                                          20-900

Data memory/retrival/printout                                                    None/Unavailable

Safety frame                                                                                         Yes

Output lead type                                                                                   Fixed

Weight included cables (kg)                                                                  22.5

Output cable length (m)                                                                        3

Input cable length (m)                                                                           3

Input plug rating (A)                                                                              16

Dimentions (including frame) (mm)                                                        475(W) x 375(L) x 265(H)