Mixer and Treatment

Mixer and Treatment

Filpumps Treatment and Mixers Rental


The Filpumps rental includes a number of treatment products from our market leading treatment brands, to offer a new water treatment solution to our customers. 

The rental treatment equipment allows us to install short or long term temporary treatment installations such as borehole water UV treatment systems, back-up systems for plants being refurbished or repaired and portable containerised systems for larger treatment projects.

Some of the treatment options from Filpumps are

Wedeco LBX UV Reactors for an efficient solution for the disinfection of pressuried wastewater, surface water, process water and other low UV tranmittance liquids. 

Wedeco Spektron UV for UV disifection of drinking water.

Submersible Mixers for large volumes of sludge and water.  

Sanitaire Silver Series II a fine bubble difused aeration system.


For more information on our Rental Range please contact us or view our Rental Guide or Dewatering Handbook