Submersible Drainage and Dewatering pumps

Submersible Drainage and Dewatering pumps

Submersible Drainage and Dewatering Pump Rental from Filpumps


Filpumps specialises in the rental and hire of market leading Flygt electric submersible pumps, mixers and aerators. Our complete range of dewatering pumps means we have a solution for all applications.



Filpumps can provide pumps and design solutions for a number of applications including;

- Genenal dewatering and site groundwater issues

- Flooding and emergency dewatering

- Sewage diversions and temporary over-pumping systems

- Pump replacements whilst repairs/refurbishments take place

- Bespoke solutions ranging from small projects to major flow diversion schemes

- Pipework, ancillary equipment and flotation raft systems also available


Filpumps can supply Flygt Submersible Drainage and Dewatering Pumps in the following series

2000 series for use with chemically aggressive, mechanically abrasive or highly viscous fluids laden with particles.

2600 series for dewatering uses over many areas such as fish farms, paper mills, power stations and oil and gas facilities.

2800 BIBO series for difficult and demaning dewatering environments.

Slurry Pumps for  removing sediment and grit and other abrasive runoff. 

Ready series for on the spot dewatering with a lightweight and durable pump.


For more information on our rental range please contact us, view our Rental guide or Dewatering pump handbook.