Oil and Fuel Tank FAQs

Oil and Fuel Tank Frequently Asked Questions

What type of tank do I need?

For oil or fuel tanks please view our 'Which Tank' Advice Sheet.

Where Can I Put My Oil Tank?

Your oil tank should be located 1.8 meters form athe nearest dwelling and 760mm from a boundary (eg wall or fence). If this is not possible then a 30 minute fire resistant wall is required. Your Local Authority Building Control or OFTEC can provide further information. 

How should I look after my tank?

Please see our 'Oil Tank Maintenance' Advice Sheet for information.


What is a Bunded Tank?

A bunded tank is a tank within a tank. The fuel is stored in the inner tank and the outer tank acts as a safety measure if fuel ever leaks as it will collect in the outer tank preventing the fuel leaking out and polluting the environment. 

What Types of Fuel Can Be Stored in a Heating Oil Tank?

Harlequin Oil Tanks are suitable only for the storage of:

All Harlequin Oil Tanks must be installed in accordance with supplied instructions, the requirements of OFTEC Technical Instruction Book 3 and prevailing statutory requirements. Please note that Harlequin Heating Oil Tanks are not suitable for connection to a fuel delivery system incorporating a flexible hose and automatic trigger nozzle.