Traditional vs Borehole Water Supply

Traditional vs Borehole Water Supply

Traditional Vs Borehole Water Supplies

In the beginning most boreholes were installed to provide water to consumers that used many cubic meters of water per day because their water needs were higher and the available water supply struggled to meet their needs, or the financial investment payback was much sooner than purchasing municipal water.  These customers were typically dairy farms and industries such as food producers for irrigation and food processing. These types of consumers must rely on a stable and reliable water suply available to them each day of the year and borehole technology delivers what these customers require.  


Traditional Water Supplies


Borehole Supplies


Whilst we appreciate that some traditional shallow water supplies do provide a consistent water quantity and for the most part an acceptable raw water quality, with our years of private water supply experience we believe very strongly that borehole water supplies offer consumers a better water supply that continues to yield water even in the most driest prolonged period of weather.


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