Water Testing and Analysis

To ensure a safe and clean private water supply it is recommended that it is tested annually.

If your private water supply serves the public or a commercial operation then the law demands annual testing.

If your private water supply is for private domestic use then it is not legally required, but it is best practice.

If certain types of micro-organisms are present in your drinking water then these could pose an immediate risk to health.

In some circumstances such bacteria can cause serious long-term illness. The presence of some very rare chemicals in your drinking water may lead to an increased risk of poisoning if the water is consumed over a long period of time. Some chemicals may make the water look or taste unpleasant, others can cause clothes or fixtures to be badly stained and some can cause a build up of scale on fittings.
Private water supplies are tested for a range of chemical and bacterial contaminates.

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What can I do if my test results show contaminants?

Filpumps can supply cartridge filters to stop solids, filter media to rectify chemical contaminates and UV sterilisers to rectify bacterial contamination. We have a wide range of filtration options available to order online.        

Water Testing

Water Testing

By testing your water supply you can identify substances which may causes illness and install treatment systems to limit this occurring. Testing of an treated  water supply also ensures that the equipment installed is working and supplying a clean drinking water supply. Water sampling can be done through your local authority or Filpumps can arrange sampling and testing for you.